Workplace Inclusion in the Digital Era for Footwear Sector across Europe

To make the most of the i4.0 opportunities for footwear SMEs

Feet in 4.0

Workplace Inclusion in the Digital Era
for Footwear Sector across Europe



Increase added value through innovation in products and services to the consumer.



Chose differentiation to outstand European footwear prestige.


Hight Quality Products

Increase added value in all footwear chain.



Contribute for the sustainable digitalization of the sector.



Bring talented people to the digital era elevating the level of employment.



Upskill workers on the use of the new technology in footwear sector.



Promote positive attitudes toward new technology.



Implement innovative training methodologies combining augmented reality and work-based learning.



i4.0 is about people being integrated in all processes of the organization.

Project number 2018-1-PT01-KA202-047500 | Start date 01.10.2018 | End date 30-09-2021



FEET IN 4.0 aims at bringing the industry 4.0 to the footwear companies, mainly for the employees, managers and other key people who have direct connection to the sector and are excluded from or have few access to the centres of knowledge, like universities, which have been, so far, the main players in the implementation of Industry 4.0.


The outputs foreseen are the following:

Analysis of the current integration of the Industry 4.0 in the Footwear sector, the study of the current and future footwear workforce and the match with the footwear professional profiles, in Portugal, Spain Italy and Poland, It consists in a report in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Polish with the analysis of the Industry 4.0 applied to the footwear industry in Europe and the characterization and the current footwear profiles.
Study about I4.0 EN    Survey Report Final version EN
A unique training tool kit - FEET IN 4.0 Training Tool Kit - about the key digital competences that will act as a first approach to support workers and companies to a future digital footwear sector;
A specialized content in the form of innovative learning materials (virtual and augmented reality simulating future daily operation) which could be used by trainers and trainees in the working environment;
Open results window
A specialized content to support companies in the implementation and monitoring of their digital strategies
Open results window
A specialized content that can support info excluded workers in the transition to a new era of information and communication technologies applied in the factory ground floor.


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